Cancellation Policy

Return/Refund Policy: Cancellations, No Shows, Substitutions and Transfers

If a customer cancels his or her participation in a BBTSL seminar via a written email communication to BBTSL prior to the commencement of a seminar, the participant is eligible for one of three results of the participant’s sole choice: 1. BBTSL will issue a full refund of fees for the missed seminar to participant within a reasonable time; 2. the participant may transfer the full amount prior paid by the participant to a future BBTSL seminar of the participant’s choice; or 3. the participant may substitute another participant (i.e., designate another participant) to take the original participant’s place at a seminar.

No administration fee of any variety shall be charged by BBTSL for either issuing a refund, transferring a registration or substituting another participant in the original participant’s place.

The entire registration fee and materials are forfeited if the customer does not show up at a seminar without sending an email to communicate such no show in advance of the seminar. However, in the event of such a no show by a participant (who did not communicate their no show in advance of the seminar), seminar (course) materials will be mailed by BBTSL to a participant, at no cost to the participant, upon such participant’s written request via email within 14 days of the participant not showing up.